Not as ready as I thought we were

I was so focused on getting Brandon ready for his first day of kindergarten next week, I neglected to purchase a new backpack for Matty for his first day of school. Of course, now that I realize this, the kind of bag I had in mind for him is not on sale. I’ve looked at all the circulars online, and I’ve seen everything from Rimowa cases to camping duffle bags on sale, but no toddler backpacks. Well, not the one I want, anyway. I’m hoping it will be on sale this Sunday, since it would be a shame to pay full price after knowing it was on sale on and off all summer.
The good news is, that’s all I forgot to get for him. He’s got new shorts and pants, and I placed the order at the school for his shirts. Not bad for a newbie, huh?

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