New Little Guy

I’d like to introduce you to my newest “nephew”. This is Brian, new son to our dear friends Vivian and Martin. For those of you that know mommy (and therefore will inquire about such details), she had contractions all day Sunday. She called her doctor late in the evening and was told to go to the hospital. She was admitted around midnight, at which point she was 8cm dilated! They prepped her for surgery, and Brian made his grand entrance at 2am. He weighed in at 7 lbs, 0.5 ounces and measures 19 inches.
Mommy and baby are doing great. Daddy is elated, and big sisters Nicole and Julie are thrilled to finally meet their new baby brother.
Isn’t he cute?! We’ll get to spend some quality time with him when he comes home tomorrow night. Congratulations on your new addition, Bech family!

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