Happy Mother’s Day!

Ten reasons why we should take full advantage of Mother’s Day
(by Yvonne B.,  my friend and At-Work Mom)
“For all those hours in labor while your husband said you could get through the pain – just breathe or better yet, for those whose husband waited outside with no thought of the agony.
For all those times we had to do a last minute clothes change because the baby decided to share that great smelling formula all over our blouse or dress.
For all those sleepless nights due to colic, fevers, teething, nightmares, proms, broken curfews, or them growing up and leaving the nest.
For all the times we hurt so much or cried so much because we were proud, disappointed, confused, or just because we are mothers.
For having to sit in a car while they learn to drive.
For dealing with the new phases in their lives, along with the new boy or girl friend, music, clothes, makeup and lingo (that’s gangster – Dope – beast – what does this mean anyway).
For all the times we said no and they said, but so and so can do it.
For all the time we said I’m not giving in, but we do because we want something better for them.
For all the time they leave dirty dishes in the sink and dirty clothes everywhere, but the hamper.
For helping us understand the saying “I love so much it hurts” for all the joy we get when they hug us and say they love us, for when they remember to call or text, for the times they thank us for being there, for making us proud and remembering that family is important.
However, on Monday it’s back to reality so totally enjoy Sunday and don’t say “You shouldn’t have” because they really should.
Happy Mother’s Day and God Bless.”

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