Marching for Babies

First, I’d like to once again thank all of you that donated. Our team raised over $1,200.00!
As far as the race goes, my first walkathon experience was a bit lacking as we missed half the event. We arrived just over two hours late to the walk location. Traffic leading up to and on the causeway was unbearable, and we got stuck on US1, at the toll, and later towards Crandon Park. Under normal circumstances, it should not take more than 30 minutes to reach that beach. We were slightly irritated, but made the best of it.
Many other walkers were stuck in that nasty traffic too, so we felt better that we weren’t the only ones who arrived and walked late. Unfortunately, our route was cut short since part of the street that had been closed for the event and was re-opened after 10am. We were re-routed and walked what was left of the path, about 3K or so.
There were families walking on behalf of preemies in their lives, some born at 32 weeks, 28 weeks, and even earlier. Others were walking for babies they lost to birth defects, and I teared up a few times when I saw these teams with their “In Memory Of” t-shirts. This event made me appreciate how lucky I am that in spite of two borderline preemies, both my boys were born healthy and remain so.
We missed the opening ceremonies and pre-walk warm up, but we raised a nice amount of money and walked for those who can’t, and that’s what counts.
(Missing from this picture is my friend Lilli, who was part of our team but actually managed to avoid the traffic and arrived on time, walked on time, and left as we were arriving.)

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