Hodge Podge

Sorry, all. I’ve been super busy the last couple of days and I haven’t been able to post a thing. My workweek has been crazy!! My (former) coworker’s last day was Friday, and the office is not hiring a replacement. My supervisor and I have split the duties he tended to, and so I’m actually working at work now. (Sheesh…do these people think they pay me enough to actually work?!)
Here are a few thoughts until I get back into the swing of things:
The power outage? No biggie. I left work at 3pm just to be sure traffic wasn’t chaotic, but everything was normal: all the traffic signals I encountered were working, the expressway was a breeze to travel on, and I got home with plenty of time to take my walk to Brandon’s school. I didn’t walk as much as I wanted after picking him up because I also picked up my friend’s daughter, but I got 30 minutes in. Not bad, right?

I’m inspired to paint my living room. I know the color I want, and hubby agrees. Don’t know when we’ll get around to it, but I’m anxious to do so. WB and Sherlock may be coming down for hubby’s birthday, so I may just adopt her habit and frantically paint two days before their arrival.

Can I just say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new washer and dryer?!

There’s a cold front in town, and it was a lovely 50-some degrees this morning when I left for work. This (taken with my cellphone) is what the sky looked like as I drove in. Isn’t it lovely?

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