castro Resigns Power

Sounds like big news, doesn’t it? That’s the first thing I heard this morning when my alarm clock went off. Thing is, I’m of the school of thought that he’s been dead since his “temporary” resignation of power in July 2006. All the pictures and videos and letters posted in recent months are not very castro-like. Had he been alive, he would have invited cameras and reporters into his hospital room just to show how alive he is/was! Remember when he fell off a stage a few years back, broke a leg and an arm, and was back to giving his trademark never-ending speeches soon after?! The man is a media wh0re. And of course, assuming he is dead, nothing has changed in the last year and a half with his brother raulito in charge. So today’s news does put a small little grin on my face, mostly because the Cuban government is that much closer to revealing the truth, but I won’t be partying until the political prisoners are released from their inhumane cells, and all Cubans can walk the streets of that beautiful island without fear.

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