Random Thoughts

I really miss watching new episodes of my favorite shows. I was eagerly awaiting 9pm last night to watch Desperate Housewives, and five minutes till I realized that it wasn’t airing. I hope the strike ends soon!
Brandon will start getting homework today. He gets four pages of homework, one for each day, to be turned in on Friday. I’m excited and dreading this at the same time.
A year ago today we were at my baby shower, chowing down on some excellent grub, and receiving lovely gifts. Now, a year later, I’ve got a walking almost-toddler that has outgrown most of those gifts. =/
I made stir fry for dinner last night, coached by my friend Adrian. He was supposed to be doing the cooking, but he was cutting the strips of meat and with one of those cuts got his finger instead. He’s fine now, but I had to take over. It didn’t turn out half bad, I must say.
The trainwreck that is Ms. Spears is scheduled to go to a hearing today. I’m anxious to see if she does indeed show up, or lose her kids indefinitely. As a mother, I could never let things get to the point where she’s at now. Then again, I have most of my screws on tight. I hope she snaps out of this craziness soon, for her kids’ sake…
That’s all for now. More later.

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