Damage Control

I’ve been fancying a new digital camera for a while now. Nothing is actually wrong with our current one, but I’ve destroyed the LCD on the thing. I tend to throw the camera in my purse, where the varied items contained within scratch the LCD screen. I took it in to BB not too long ago, and for what it costs to get the LCD fixed I could get a new camera.
It’s my fault, of course. I should have kept that clear film thing that came from factory on it for as long as possible, and I should carry the camera in its case. But it’s just so bulky, and I fear leaving it somewhere, with the camera in it. I wish I’d known about invisibleSHIELD sooner. It’s too late for my camera, but if I get an ipod (which has been on my “Things I’d like to buy” list for some time now), I’m definitely investing in an ipod case before it faces the same fate as my camera.

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