Not a “Secret” Anymore!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony finally announced their pregnancy last night, right here in Miami. It’s the last show of their tour, and according to JLO, she didn’t want their fans to be preoccupied with anything other than the concert tour experience. I don’t buy that excuse, but I’m glad they finally announced it. Marc Anthony has always been a private person, and you can see in the beginning of the video that Jen tells him she wants to tell the audience about the baby, and he agrees.
Whether this should be news or not and whether they should have said it earlier or not is not important. What is important is that these two people are bringing a life (lives?) into this world. Babies are miracles, and I am extremely happy for them and their growing family. Congratulations!
Oh, BTW, I REALLY wanted to go to the concert, but I never got around to buying tickets…it would have been great to be there for the show and the announcement. =(

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