A Matter of Perception

Recently I was thinking how something so simple as vocabulary can completely alter our idea of something. For example, if someone mentions a home with a conservatory, you think of an extension to a home with a beautiful landscape visible through the windows of a gorgeous Victorian-style home with perfect landscaping in the middle of Europe somewhere, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and winding roads.
Now, what do you think of when you hear the words Florida room? Same theory, different picture. You may imagine a gathering room in a home in Florida, with a backyard full of palm trees and tropical flowers blooming. The sky is a clear blue, and you can almost smell the salt air from the beach a few miles away.
Conservatory, sunroom, Florida room, family room: it’s all the same thing. Neither is any lovelier than the other. It’s just all based on what you’ve been exposed to and what your imagination comes up with.
All this to say: I need to work on my backyard this coming weekend, desperately. I’d like more pleasant scenery to look at than 2-foot high weeds.

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