Pondering Personalized Pillows

When I first saw an ad for photo pillows, I thought they were a bit weird. I’d feel kind of strange having a full-size photo replica of a family member or friend printed on my linens. But then I realized that these aren’t much different than the New Kids on the Block sheet set I had when I was in my ‘tweens. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I’d kiss my pillowcase good night on occasion as if it really were my favorite member of the band. So now I’ve had a change of heart and realized that it’s weirder to kiss a photo pillowcase of some stranger in a band than a loved one. The more I think about it, I realize that personalized bedding is a great gift idea for little kids. They can take their photo pillow with them to day care. Or, if mommy and daddy have a business trip to go to or go out for some grown-up time, the kids can take their custom comforter with them to grandma’s house. So it’s not just a cute, personalized gift, it’s a security blanket, or pillow (as the case may be), for little ones too.

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