Is it all of them, or just mine?

I called hubby at 6:30 to see what time he was getting out of work. He told me he should be on his way in a few minutes. I tell him, “good, because I need to go to the bank. See you soon.” Fast forward to 7:15, when I call him again to find out where he is. I ask him “where are you?” and he says, “I’m at name-of-place-where-he-used-to-work, why? What’s up?”. Uh, hello? Didn’t I tell you not too long ago I needed to go to the bank?! It’s now 7:37 and he’s not yet home, though already on his way.
Are all men this absent-minded, or does mine have an extra forgetful gene? Sheesh!!

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2 Responses to Is it all of them, or just mine?

  1. Ziva says:

    LOL,take it from an old grandmother, most all of them are like this…, but they have other very desirable traits that make them worth the trouble!:)

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