Saturday Night, and I’m feelin’ Alright

Just finished bathing the boys, and I’m ready to jump in bed. It’s been quite an eventful day. The little one woke us up around 3:30AM, and we managed to get him to sleep until about 7:30, when hubby had to get ready for work. While hubby was showering and dressing, I was loading the dishwasher and preparing his breakfast when my nose started running. Not long after, I was sneezing uncontrollably. I thought, “great, I’ve got an allergy attack, and we have Max’s party in about five hours!”. But it seems that my bad luck was short-lived. I took a Benadryl, had breakfast, gave Brandon and Matty breakfast, put Matty in his swing, and was able to take a two-hour nap on the couch to let the Benadryl take effect. I felt like a new person around 1PM, so we got dressed, had lunch, wrapped up Max’s gift, and headed for the party.
We had such a great time!! Brandon spent most of his time in Max’s playroom, with small stints on the swing set and in the bouncehouse. Matty was on my lap, watching everything and everyone. We left around 6PM, then headed to Target since I still had to buy my nephew’s present for tomorrow’s party. I was supposed to help my sister with some last minute details but she wasn’t home, so we headed to our place for dinner and baths. Tomorrow will be filled with more birthday fun, but now I must go recharge my batteries or I’ll be completely useless in the morning.
Good Night!

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