Moving Forward, and Celebrating Life

Nothing can erase the events that took place six years ago. Most of us will not forget where we were, who we were with, and what we were doing when our country was attacked. Tears fill my eyes every time I see footage of that terrible day, of the lives lost and families broken, but I know that as hard as it may be, we must be strong and move forward.
Sometimes things happen that help mend our wounds, and I know that my friend Tere feels this way. A passionate and compassionate person, I’m sure that September 11, 2001 affected her deeply, but she had a ray of sunshine come into her life on September 11, 2005. Her little monkey Max was born, and right then 9/11 no longer stood for sadness and tragedy, but new life and happiness. It’s things like these that remind us that we can smile through the tears, and laughter can follow the sorrow.

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