The Fish and The Bird


On Saturday night, we attended the Marlins vs. Giants game I mentioned here. When we went to my dad’s to drop off the baby, Brandon decided he didn’t want to go, telling his grandfather “No quiere baseball”. So we called up my mom, who had mentioned earlier in the week that she wanted to go too. It started out great, the Marlins got two runs in the first inning. But slowly, and surely, the Giants went on to tie, and then win the game. In spite of that we had an excellent time. The fireworks were spectacular, rivaling an Independence Day celebration. We were all pretty tired, though, and didn’t stay for the Blues Traveler concert. As we were walking to the car we could hear them starting their set, and they sounded awesome. I was almost regretful that we didn’t stay and watch, but exhaustion beat regret. We went to pick up the boys, and were home by midnight. It was nice to have a break from the kids for a bit, and just hang out with my mom and sister for a while.

In other Fish and Bird related news, the ‘Canes will cease playing at the Orange Bowl in 2008, their home for the last 70 years. This saddens me greatly, I have many memories of going to the Orange Bowl for Hurricanes games with my Uncle Val, and later with my husband and our friends. I can’t picture the ‘Canes anywhere else. But maybe, just maybe, this will result in the Marlins FINALLY getting their own playing turf. We shall see…

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