Is it just me…

..or is the day dragging? Thursdays are usually crazy for me at work and as a result go by very quickly, but for some reason today it’s quite the opposite. I wish the day would move faster though. I’m eager to get out of here: Matty turns 7 months old today, and tonight is Brandon’s Open House at school. My mother-in-law is going to watch them while I’m attending the school thing, and then I get to squeeze and play with them until bedtime!
Ooh, I’ve forgotten to mention that the baby knows how to play peek a boo! He will hide behind his bib or a blanket, and slowly pull it away from his face, then completely crack up. It’s the funniest thing! I’ll try to get it with the camera and make a youtube video out of it for your viewing pleasure. But now, I have to get back to work…or at least pretend to! 😉

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