Then, Now, Later

Got this from my buddy Claudia:
20 Years ago I…
-had just spent the traditional two weeks at the Hilyard with my family
-was looking forward to the start of 5th grade in Mr. Westlake’s class
-still had a crush on Tony Arnabat
-met my best friend Marilyn
-loved going to Riverboat Playhouse (the “Chuck E Cheese” from back in the day…)
10 years ago I…
-was working full time and going to MDC part time.
-wasn’t sure *exactly* what I wanted to study, but was on my way there anyway.
-was hanging out with friends from my brother’s Tae Kwon Do school and going rollerskating every Friday.
-was thinking about moving out on my own, but was too chicken to do so.
5 years ago I…
-was broken up with Eric.
-went to Cancun for my big sister’s bachelorette party/Memorial Day weekend.
-walked my sister’s wedding.
-went on a cruise with my family to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, and had a fantabulous time!
-was still living on my own in my great little apartment in Coral Gables.
3 years ago I…
-was enjoying my first summer with my little boy, and trying to get used to being back at work after maternity leave.
-had been married to Eric for a year.
-met my beautiful nephew Mikey, who was born on August 11, exactly 7 months after his cousin.
-had bittersweet feelings about going back to school in the fall, but I had finally started UM. I’d dreamed of going there since I was a little girl, and so I had to make that dream a reality.
One year ago…
-we went to NJ, for my cousin’s wedding.
-we were in NY, enjoying the sights.
-we went on a trip for the first time without Brandon.
-we were living in our very first owned home.
Yesterday I…
-dropped off Brandon at pre-school.
-went to work.
-went to Wendy’s for lunch.
-left work.
-drove home.
-I picked Eric and Brandon up at home and we went to Boston Market for dinner.
-then did some groceries.
-got home, took a shower, and went to bed.
Today I…
-dropped off Brandon.
-went to work.
-left work.
-picked up Brandon.
-got home.
-made dinner.
-am sitting at the computer typing this as I eat dinner.
-will go shower, watch Sex and the City reruns and Rescue Me, then go to sleep.
In the next year I will…
-celebrate my son’s 4th birthday.
-give birth to my second child.
-graduate from the University of Miami.
-enjoy my maternity leave as much as I can.
(Sorry for not posting pics with some of the entries. I’m too tired to rummage through my photos, scan and upload them. Maybe next time…)

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