How’s everybody doin’? I want to thank everyone that commented on our Father’s Day post and the exciting news surrounding our household these days. So far, as you can see by the very cute baby ticker I added two nights ago, I am five weeks and five days along. I feel fine, no morning sickness (and I hope it stays that way-knock on wood), just a bit more tired than usual. I’m having an ultrasound on Thursday morning. I saw my doctor on Friday and everything is normal, but I mentioned I had a bit of cramping the day I took the home pregnancy test, and he’d just like to check things out and make sure this little “frijol” is growing as she should Yes, she. We are hoping for a she. So please send girl vibes this way. If we have another boy, it’s a blessing just the same…but a girl would be nice. So I will try, if it the little bean is clearly visible, to scan the ultrasound images and post our baby’s first picture! =)
In other news, today was my last day at the department I’ve worked at for the last 11, almost 12 years. I wasn’t as sad as I thought I would be, perhaps because I am so anxious about what is to come. Not to say I won’t miss my coworkers, some of which I’ve known for as long as I was there. Thing is, I’m in the same building, two floors up. I’ll still be using the same elevators, the same parking garage, the same little quicky-mart downstairs for lunch…the only thing changing is my physical location. I’m sure I’ll still see my work buddies regularly, we just won’t get on each other’s nerves as often ;-).
As for my new position, it is somewhat similar to what I used to do, but more towards the fiscal side of things, with reports, spreadsheets and what-not involved. Things I’ve only had minimal contact with in the past. So we’ll see how it goes. I’m sure I’ll do fine, but I can’t help but worry just a bit…I start on Friday, so I’ll give a bit of an update sometime next week once I’m in the swing of things.
As for our favorite pre-schooler, he had an absolutely fabulous, fun-filled weekend. Saturday morning he and his friend Emilie met their very first celebrity. Emilie’s mom and I took the kids to Barnes and Noble for storytime, and they met Peter Rabbit. They were very amused by this mischevious bunny, and were completely fascinated with his story. Afterwards, we went to Dandy Bear, which is a local kiddie place, sort of a low-end Chuck E Cheese. It has a much smaller video game area, but much bigger tunnels and ballpits and such. The kids had a blast in there, releasing all the energy they built up during the quiet time at the bookstore.
Well, that’s it for now. We may be visiting his friends the dolphins and whales tomorrow, weather permitting, so I need to put the little one to bed now. Good night!

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