A Day to Celebrate

Today is quite a special Day:
Blogdaddy Babalu turns three! Congratulations, Tio. Thank you for creating your wonderful blog, and showing the world the truth about Cuba.
Today is also my grandparents’ wedding anniversary. I think it’s year 51, 52, 53, 54. Either way, I hope I have as long-lasting and wonderful a marriage as theirs.
Today is also my friend’s daughter Nicole’s 4th birthday. Nicole’s mom and I have been friends since…well…for as long as I can remember. Her family lived next door to my grandparents for many, many years. We grew up together, and it is an amazing thing that our kids are doing the same. We live 8 blocks away from each other, in the same community, so we are always visiting each other and hanging out. Nicole is one of Brandon’s dearest friends. Happy birthday, Nicole!!
Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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