Blogeando en Vivo

(also posted at Babalu)
Hi, everyone. I’m here at Cuba Nosalgia, helping out with the booth. I just had my first colada of the day, and I’ll definitely be on my way to the food in a couple of hours. I was able to walk around and see most of the booths last night, since it was a “slow” day. There’s beautiful artwork, several music booths, and all sorts of “vintage” memorabilia.
If you haven’t come by, tonight’s the night. Rhett y los Borrachos Empenados will be here at 7:30PM. And you really don’t know who else will be by…so come on down!
As for those pictures I promised…they will be up tonight. I got home at about midnight, and needless to say, was asleep before my head even hit the pillow.
I’ll be back later…

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