A meme from Margi

I must take a few moments from my chaotic schedule to answer this meme for Margi, since she tagged me last night, pretty much right before I was ranting about my anticipated schedule this next month. It’s common knowledge that one cannot say “no” to a pregnant woman, unless one wants to become the recipient of a sty or two. (Love you, M!)
So here are five weird things about me:
1. I have had only two jobs, each quite long term. The first was at a clothing store. I began working a week before my sixteenth birthday, and I resigned when I was hired at my current place of employment. I have been with my current employer 11+ years. Yes, you read right: 11+ years. You just don’t see that “nowadays”, especially with my age group.
2. Before Brandon was born, I had a tendency of randomly quoting Disney movies when having conversations with others. Now I do it even more so, especially with friends that also have children. For example, a friend of mine and I, who I also happen to work with, will occasionally quote lines from “Finding Nemo” during our workday (“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..”).
3. I have an astoundingly good memory. I can remember names, phone numbers, addresses, passwords, coding used for my job, pretty much anything if I see it just a couple of times. I have even managed to pass some of my classes with A’s and B’s by simply listening to the professsors’ lectures, and re-reading my notes a time or two. This trait did diminish a bit due to Maternal Memory Loss Syndrome cause by my pregnancy with Brandon, but it’s still impressive the amount of information this little brain of mine can handle.
4. I have super-sensitive skin. When I was younger, I washed one body part with a certain soap, and I had an allergic reaction all over. The doctor said that if I had bathed with it, I probably would have died. I cannot do dishes too frequently because my hands become excessively dry and begin to chap. Not quite related to skin issues, but allergies, my throat pretty much closes up and I start coughing and wheezing if I am near clorox.
5. I have issues with white Tic-Tacs. There must always be a box of tic-tacs in my purse. I must have one at least once an hour, the dosage increases if I am nervous, anxious, or just plain bored. I am not a “two tic-tac” person, I eat them one at a time. I do not like either the light green ones or the dark green ones. They must be white. On occasion, I will have orange ones, but I will have a few at a time, like candy. I will still have white tic-tacs in my purse. I buy the six-packs, and when I am down to two of the little containers, I buy another six-pack so as to not run out.
I will not tag anyone because, quite frankly, I don’t have time to check who’s done this and who hasn’t. If you’d like to participate leave it in the comments.

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