Holiday Fun

Though we haven’t yet decorated the house, we are completely immersed in the Christmas spirit. We spent the day at the mall, where Brandon talked with Santa for a bit, rode a train in the Christmas Village, saw a HUGE model train set, and saw his first “snow” fall. Between all that we did a little shopping.
Here are some of the day’s highlights:
Brandon asked Santa to bring him a new “little Thomas” because he lost his die-cast one during our trip to Orlando last weekend. He’s holding his “big Thomas”, to show Santa which one it isn’t.
Santa and me.jpg
Brandon was very excited to see this train, and asked for a few more rides during our visit to the mall. This is the first time he rides all by himself.
Sorry the picture isn’t very clear, it was the best one of all the ones I took. I looked like a maniac, trying to run ahead of the train to get some good images.
Train ride.jpg
Then we saw this absolutely wonderful model train set, which included everything from a carnival to an airport, even a drive-in restaurant with classic cars and everything. You can’t really appreciate the intricate details of it in these pictures, but you can see how big it is. It took up almost the entire courtyard of that part of the mall.
Train set 1.jpg
Train set 2.jpg
Lastly, we made a pit stop at another mall on the way home because I had to return something, and we were just in time for their daily snowfall. This was Brandon’s first, he had no idea whether to be delighted or scared. Turns out he loved it. I can’t wait to someday show him real snow.
Snow fall.jpg
That’s it for now. Little boy had a wonderfully exhausting day, and is already in bed. I think that’s where I’m headed pretty soon too.
Good night!

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