A Ray of Light

In spite of all the bad news out of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, there is still a light of hope that shines when I hear the good things that are happenining. There are dozens of stories, which Michele has been posting about all week long.
These three examples warm my heart. These people are dear to me and their selflessness is an inspiration.
My best friend’s brother-in-law has gone to Mississippi to help with the destruction.
Val helped a reader’s father move after he lost his home after the hurricane.
And I received this email last night from one of my dearest friends:
September 1, 2005
Hurricane Katrina has devastated Mississippi & Alabama, but it has changed New Orleans forever. Watching the news coverage, seeing photographs of what once was a great city has been a bit hard to swallow. If you have every been to New Orleans, whether it be for Mardi Gras, New Years or just simply visiting, you are sure to remember New Orleans as a festive and lively city filled with great music, food & ambiance. All of that is now gone. All that we are left with are great memories of the city that once was. My husband & I remember sitting in the corner of St. Ann Street and Decatur, across from Jackson Square at a little quaint coffee shop called Caf

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