A bit of randomness

Hello everyone. Just wanted to write a bit about what’s going on in our lives.
Well, we’re both pretty much over the throat issues. We’re still on antibiotics, and will be until Saturday, but we’re over the bad part. Thank goodness.
Due to the aforementioned throat infections, we were not able to install the wood flooring in our condo, which was scheduled for last Saturday and Sunday. A new “appointment” is in the works (friends are helping us do it ourselves, it’s just a matter of coordinating schedules) but it should be done by mid-September…hopefully.
My sister will be arriving on Friday night from Virginia for my nephew’s birthday party. Brandon loves when his Titi comes to visit, but maybe this time we can somehow explain that she doesn’t live on an airplane! (contrary to popular belief! LOL)
Next Friday, the 19th, the dear hubby and I are leaving for my cousin’s wedding in NJ, and will be enjoying NYC for the three days following. I am so excited! We went to NYC while I was 5 months pregnant, and although it was a very pleasant trip, we missed several things which we’re surely catching this time. The only sad thing is that this is our first trip ANYWHERE without Brandon. We’ve never been away from him for longer than an overnighter, and even that’s only happened once or twice. We’re sure he’ll have a wonderful time with his grandparents, but we sure will miss him! However, all parents need “grown-up time” once in a while…
That week is also my first week back at the University, after a lovely summer off, first day being Wednesday the 24th. Our flight arrives before 2 PM, and my first class is at 5PM. I’m SO GLAD I asked for the rest of the week off. I think I’m going to need it! But I will be that much closer to my degree, and that is so worth it. I’ve only 8 classes left, and I should be done by next May. YIPPEE!!!
So that’s all I can think of for now. I have made a sort of promise to myself that we would post more often, even if it’s ramblings like this one, so you’ll be hearing more soon.
Good night!

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