I’m it!

The Goddess just tagged me.
This is my very first tag, so let’s all hope I’m doing this right.
Let’s see…5 things I miss from my childhood:
1. Riding on my uncle Val’s back underwater at the Hilyard Motel (R.I.P.) in Miami Beach.
2. Spending summer weekends at my grandparents’ house, where I’d usually go outside and swing on a hammock all day long.
3. I didnt really enjoy it at the time, but Sundays at my great-grandparents’ apartment in Little Havana. My great-grandfather always had the radio on, listening to a baseball game, and my great-grandmother would be in the kitchen with my aunts, or in her rocking chair chatting with family members and friends. This post reminded me of this precious memory.
4. Going to the mall with my Godmother and riding the carousel and playing in the ballpit, before they were a safety hazard.
5. My grandfather having me answer riddles for a quarter each. Sometimes he’d let my sister and I cheat so we’d have enough for ice cream when the truck came by.
Alright, let’s pass this on to Maura, Jennifer, Denita, CalTechGirl, and Kelley.

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