Mommy went to the doctor on Tuesday, and found out she has gastritis (she’s feeling A LOT better now, thank God. that Ranitidine is a blessing, she says).
I haven’t seen Grandma Tere or Grandpa Gus this week. They are remodeling their kitchen and there’s dust and holes in the floor and all sorts of other things for me to play with that I shouldn’t. They asked mommy if someone else could watch me on Tuesday night while mommy was at school, so daddy stayed with me. I miss them, but I’ll see them over the weekend.
Sunday is my great-grandmother’s 90th birthday party, and it’s a surprise. I can’t wait! All my cousins (her grandchildren and great-grandchildren) will be there, and we’re taking a family picture with her.
Mommy asked for Monday and Tuesday off, and Daddy is on vacation for a week as of tomorrow, so I’m going to enjoy some family time. YAY!
Tuesday we’re going to the Marlins season-opener. This will be the second baseball game I go to ever. GO FISH!!
Well, it’s time for me to have dinner, get a bath and watch Nemo before I go to bed. BYE!

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