A bit under the weather

I had my 15-month check-up a week ago.
I weigh 22 1/2 pounds and measure 31 1/4 inches. I got two shots, but I got over that pretty quickly. The doctor says I’m doing great, and he’s very surprised that I say about 20 words, between English and Spanish.

But right now I have a stomach virus.
We were at Grandma Tere and Grandpa Gus’s house on Tuesday night, and when we were getting ready to leave around 10 PM, I started vomiting. Mommy called the doctor’s office, and the doctor said that there’s a 24-hour stomach virus going around.
I fell asleep, but not before I threw up twice more. By this time it was almost 1 AM, so daddy and mommy decided that we were going to stay right where we were. We live about 15 miles from there, and mommy and daddy didn’t want to drive all the way home with me feeling so badly.
I have my own room at my grandparents’ house, which has a day bed that mommy and daddy could sleep on, so it worked out perfectly.
Daddy went to work in the morning, and mommy called in sick to take care of me. We came home at noon, and in the afternoon my Abuela Greisy(daddy’s mom) watched me because mommy had an appointment to register for her next semester of school. I played for a little while with Abuela, but then I fell asleep for almost 2 hours. I woke up just in time to see Elmo’s World!
I felt much better at night, I even played for a while with my toys. I went to sleep and had a great rest, but today mommy woke up with nausea and vomiting too! I guess I gave her my virus. I’m sorry, mommy.
She and daddy, who was off today, are home with me. We’ve been resting and laying around for most of the day. Mommy and daddy put on Brother Bear, which I got for Easter, but I slept throught it. I’m sure they will put it on for me later though, they thought it was great!

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