To grandparents’ house I go!

I had my very first overnight trip this past weekend.
Mommy and daddy had a wedding to go to on Saturday night, so they made arrangements for me to spend my very first overnight trip with Grandma Tere and Grandpa Gus. I had a blast, and I did whatever I wanted. I went to bed late on Saturday, around midnight, and I got up around 9. I played in bed with Aba (grandma) and Tata (grandpa), had breakfast, took a little nap, and they took me to see my great-grandmother Aurora (Grandpa Gus’s mom). Then they dropped me off at home around 3 PM. I was very glad to see mommy and daddy, but when grandma and grandpa were leaving, I threw myself at grandpa to go with them. They are so much fun! I know that mommy and daddy missed me, and I missed them too, but sometimes they need a break from me, and Aba and Tata can have me all for themselves.
In other news, mommy and Tia Lilli managed to set up our new computer. Mommy has school tonight and Thursday, so she will post my birthday pictures on Friday.
See you later, alligator!

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