What a great birthday present!!

Hi, everybody. My mommy will be posting pictures of my birthday party tonight, if not tomorrow. I’m so glad my uncle Val got me this here weblog, and my new friend Dean set it up for mommy and my uncle. This is very cool. I think I’m the only 1-year-old with his own weblog! Talk to you later!

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9 Responses to What a great birthday present!!

  1. Dean Esmay says:

    Happy birthday, Brandon!

  2. Emilie's Mommie says:

    Emilie had a great time at Brandon’s Birthday party and can’t wait to check out those pictures!!!

  3. Uncle Val says:

    I hope Brandon loves this gift forever! BTW, I think we should call Dean, “Uncle Dean” from now on.

  4. Brandon's Mommy says:

    I agree, he has earned the title.
    Dean, you are now christened “Uncle Dean”.

  5. Babalu Blog says:

    Baby’s First Post

    Brandon’s first ever post can be found here. Drop on by and pinch his cheeks….

  6. Sgt Hook says:

    Happy Birthday Brandon! Great blog you’ve got here, blogrolled!

  7. Sgt Hook says:


    Welcome to the blogosphere Brandon. Sgt Hook out….

  8. Joanie says:

    Happy belated birthday, Brandon!

  9. Babalu Blog says:

    Pajama Bridage

    The Next Generation: That’s my nephew Brandon of Brandon’s Puppy. He just turned two and he’s been blogging a whole year….

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