I’m a toddler now!

Mommy stayed home with me today. She took me to the doctor for my 1-year check-up. I weigh 20 pounds, 4 ounces, and I am 30 inches tall. The doctor says I’m perfect, mommy told him she already knew that! LOL
I’m in 10% percentile for head circumference, 25% for weight, and 50% for height. It looks like I’m going to be tall, like my uncle Val.

I can now drink whole milk, and mommy can give me yogurt and cheese and
all sorts of other goodies. The doctor said she has to take away my bottle, and give me a cup to drink from, but I’ll still get it at bedtime, at least for a little while.
I also got 4 shots. Those hurt! One of those was a flu shot, which mommy and daddy decided I should get since the flu is in full swing this season. Hopefully, I won’t get sick.
By the way, there’s a slight delay with my birthday pictures. Photoshop on mommy’s computer isn’t working, and we’re also waiting for my auntie Lilli to give us a CD with more pictures she took. Mommy says she’ll post them as soon as she can. She also says she has to get some blogs on her blogroll, but she has to go register, so it will be a bit…maybe tomorrow. I make her very busy, and our computer is slow, so it’s a bit of a pain for her to get a lot of stuff done on the computer when I give her the chance to log on.
Mommy’s going to try to get me to take a nap now. I’m sleepy, but I just love to play, so it takes me a while to wind down. Bye!

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  1. Joanie says:

    Even though the shots hurt, Brandon, they’re very important for you to have! Trust me. I know. I see children who haven’t had their shots and it’s very sad to think what can happen to kids if they aren’t protected from some of the nasty diseases out there.
    I’m sure your mommy held you and kissed you after your shots and made you feel better. She did, didn’t she? That’s what we mommies do. We don’t like to see you cry.
    Keep growing big and strong (and healthy!) You have lots more of that to do and soon you’ll be able to run so much that your mommy will be really pooped out at the end of the day and give you too much jello for dessert because of it.

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